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Our Business


At the core of our business is decortication

the separation of hemp’s outer layer (bast fibre) from the inner core (hurd). Current decortication uses the same hammer mill or hammer mill-like mechanisms (rollers, scutchers, etc.) that has been used for over a hundred years; which uses a beating action to break down hurd and fibre, significantly damaging both, while creating a substantial amount of dust. This damage is a severe limitation of conventional decortication technologies, limiting the hemp fibre produced to low-value markets.

What we do


The main resources we specialize in farming

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Bast Fibre

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Hurd (Shiv)

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Green Microfibre Fraction (Dust)

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The Hemp Value Chain


There are many known uses of hemp and industrial applications are continually growing. Various sources count as many as 2,500 uses of hemp, with every part of the plant having its suite of products that can be develop

Our vision

Our Hemp Ecosystem

Our ecosystem consists of growers, who have access to suitable land and are willing to partner with us to cultivate hemp off the back of our offtake agreement. We will support our growers throughout the entire permitting and cultivating processes, including supplying seeds and our inputs that will ensure the success of the project. We then process both the seeds and biomass to produce products that are used by our customers in various downstream industries.

Bast Fibre

Hurd (Shiv)

Green Microfibre Fraction(Dust)

Is the outer fibrous layer of the hemp stalk that is “pealed” off in long strands that result in various applications from textile to construction and paper and packaging industries to name a few

Once the fibre has been separated what is left is the inner woody core that has antibacterial properties and is highly absorbent. It’s most popular use currently is in the manufacture of hempcrete for the construction industry

This is the nutritious material that is left after fibre and hurd have been extracted. This material can be supplied to the pharmaceutical cosmetics industries

Our Business


Pondoland is in the OR Tambo District Municipality. Western Pondoland is the region between Mzimvubu River (Port St Johns) and Mthatha River (on the Eastern boarder of Mthatha). The region is made of Grassland and Savanna areas ideal for the cultivation of Cannabis.

Western Pondoland is an area of roughly 2,500km2 consisting of many villages led by chiefs under the leadership of King Ndamase Ndamase. Our initial cultivation site is in Maqanyeni Village (surrounding Ngqeleni in Nyandeni Local Municipality) under Chief Yongama Hlwatika.

The right to occupy communal land has been granted to villagers and Siyabamba Agro-Industries (SAI) is responsible for cultivation together with their panel of agricultural

experts. The output is seeds and biomass delivered

to Route 420 in Mthatha at the Wild Coast

Industrial Park (SEZ).

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